Introducing Leadership Links - An Executive
Development Program from AmyK
Chicago, IL • Coming Soon

Smart Leaders Know Things.

Brilliant Leaders Question

What They Know.

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Leadership Links Chicago 2014: Register Today

Leadership Links is a hands-on leadership development program that will ignite brilliance and creativity in business leaders and their managers – RESULTS guaranteed.

Leadership is about the quality of the conversation you hold with your team and how well you engage team members to get behind shared goals and effectively execute your plan… not just with duty but with inspiration. After attending the Leadership Links leadership program, you will be able to:

  • Reach and exceed goals faster
  • Turn “strategy” into execution and results
  • Integrate Millennials with their more experienced teammates

You are Where It all Begins

Wouldn’t you love to know how to transform your team into doers and turn plans into action? Register today and take that critical first step toward becoming the leader that will bring about change and excellence in your organization.

Who Should Attend

Whether you’re an intrepid business owner or gutsy corporate “intrapraneur,” the Leadership Links program will be one of the only leadership programs you’ve ever experienced that produces real change and measurable results.

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A former executive of a billion dollar global consumer products company and recently awarded the Vistage (World’s leading CEO membership organization) UK, International Speaker of the Year, AmyK is a catalyst for producing sustainable solutions to a leader’s most pressing challenges. More than 30,000 executives in eight countries have benefited from her keen insight and intuitive understanding of the issues leaders face. Read more about AmyK.